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JOIN US IN 2024!

25 October, 2024 at Convene Sancroft St. Pauls

The EN Indy Expo and Awards will return in 2024 for the fifth annual edition!

The Expo is dedicated to exploring the key challenges facing independent organisers through a series of panel debates and roundtables. Then in the evening, the Indy Awards are dedicated to recognising the achievements of independent show organisers, teams, individuals and suppliers. 

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Am I an Indy Organiser?

In an industry often dominated by large global companies, independent organisers are those not backed by private equity or part of a wider mix of businesses.

The indy organisers stand alone, are not part of a group of companies and are not backed by public or private investment.

The EN Indy Awards gives these smaller companies the chance to compete on equal terms and to highlight their outstanding events, along with the talented individuals who bring them to life.




It is completely free to enter the EN Indy Awards, and you're allowed to enter as many as you like, so long as you meet the submission criteria. 

Deadline: 29 August 11:55pm

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2024 Exhibitors


After last year's success of a new marketplace expo, we are leaning into the Expo event to showcase more suppliers that are pivotal to helping you achieve great events.

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