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EN Tender Application


With a combined attendance of over 3,000 exhibition professionals to our various events in 2022, as a partner with EN the impact of showcasing your services directly to the industry has been profound.

Now for the first time in a few years, we're looking to review the suppliers that we work with and extend the invitation for new providers to showcase their products throughout our events schedule in 2023-24.

In a crowded market, we know that the best way to sell your solution over anyone else's is to prove the concept in person. Here are just 3 ways you're brand will benefit from partnering with EN:


All partners will receive the equivalent value that your services would cost in EN marketing spend, and an EN media consultant to show you how you can use that value to attract your target organiser. Why spend cash on marketing when you could have your activity offset instead?


We're always shouting about our events, and as a partner for our event you're branding will be included in any relevant pre-event communications to our wider network, establishing your brand as a consistent provider to this market.


Organisers trust the EN brand and therefore trust the suppliers that we use.  We're constantly talking to our organiser network about our own personal experience with suppliers - obtaining partner status with EN partner also secures the EN team as positive ambassadors to your brand. 

If you're interested in showcasing your product or service to the exhibition organiser community, just fill out the form and we will send you the full application (only an A4 document) which gives us a better idea of how that relationship can work for both parties.

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