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EN Roundtables



As part of our continued efforts to raise standards throughout the global exhibitions community, over the last 4 years EN has organised a series of round tables to act as the facilitator for honest discussions on the state of our industry with the view to finding solutions for the prevalent issues facing exhibition organisers today.

For any proactive organiser looking to join, these events provide unbiased intel on best practice, as well as updates on any providers offering new solutions!

If you're keen to see our full selection of previous editions, just follow the link below to find our full archive of discussions with reaction from both sponsors and guests alike.





For 2024 and beyond we're changing the format of our roundtables to ensure that we're providing as much educational and networking value as we can to our attending event planners.

Taking place on the 28 March, the EN team will be hosting a full morning session of content for the industry on the morning of our illustrious EN Awards 2024!

Split between open networking and short, sharp discussion periods, this format aims to give attendees an insight into a selection of topics. 

The event is totally free to attend regardless of whether you are attending the awards or not - register to attend below and a member of the EN team will be in touch shortly to confirm your space.


Secure your spot!

Running Order

09:00 - Welcome, Arrivals and Refreshments

09:30 - Keynote - Phil Soar

10:05 - Roundtable 1

10:55 - Roundtable 2

11:40 - Break and Refreshments

12:00 - Roundtable 3

12:45 - Conclusions and Networking Lunch

13:45 - Leave/ Event concludes

17:30 - ENAs 2024 at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

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Increase Industry Knowledge

EN Roundtable attendees expose themselves to new ideas of best practice, innovation and improvement that less proactive event professionals would simply miss out on.


Increase Network

In a world obsessed with the concept of community, these roundtables certainly put any attendee at the heart of the events industry - bringing together like-minded people to share their experiences with one another for a net gain on both parts.


Become an Ambassador

Build towards a better future for our industry and support, learn, and grow the future of exhibitions.


We at Exhibition News feel as though we need to discuss common issues facing event organisers that have never been more urgent. Our sole mission at these discussions is to offer an open forum for like-minded event professionals to share knowledge and experience on a variety of prevalent industry challenges, with the aim of creating valuable solutions for our peers.

Registering for our roundtables is free and easy - simply fill in the below form and a member of the EN team will be in touch within 48 hours to confirm your space via email. 21 days from the event date you'll receive a set of joining instructions with all the information on your schedule, the venue, and the running order of the day - simply fill in any dietaries, and sign to confirm your attendance.

By signing the confirmation you’ll agree to our terms whereby if you cancel your space, you are liable to pay a £125 cancellation fee (given to our partner charity The Lord's Taverners) if you cannot provide a replacement representative from your organisation.




Sponsoring a roundtable discussion allows you to position your brand as a solution provider or thought leader on any key issue that your target market faces. Partnerships for events like this aren’t just designed to be useful on the event day itself - if you choose to sponsor one of our discussions, your investment will be put towards an all-inclusive multichannel campaign that sees your brand champion a specific subject before, during and after the event itself.

Roundtables are designed first and foremost as a tool for an honest and frank discussion with high-value event professionals – relationships forged at these events are long-lasting and hold continued business over time.