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Simon Burton

Simon Burton


Simon is a serial entrepreneur in the event industry. His work includes trade shows, awards, conferences and networking events, as well as a best-selling book โ€“ The Event Professionals Handbook. He has launched and sold 3 trade shows and 3 awards campaigns. Projects include: Exhibiting Show, Energy Solutions Expo, Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Football Business Awards and Charity Film Awards.
He is a widely recognised as a champion for the power of face-to-face marketing, social media and story-telling. Exhibition News once said of him โ€œTen minutes in Simonโ€™s company and youโ€™ll be convinced of the awesome power of live events.โ€
In 2020 Simon was one of the original founders of the Virtual Events Institute and the Virtual & Hybrid Event Awards.
He has written and presented around the world about themes like โ€œExtending the Event Horizonโ€, โ€œ The Awesome Power of Live Eventsโ€ and โ€œHow to Exhibitโ€ for more than 20 years.
In his spare time his passions are Arsenal FC, classic rock, his PS5, pop culture and the countryside.