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Adam Malik

Adam Malik

CDO & Founder, The Media CTO

Adam is a seasoned technologist with over two decades of experience pioneering innovations in media, events, and online communities. His journey has seen the launch of numerous events, the inception of media products, and the foundation of several media businesses.

In 2011, Adam blazed a trail by harnessing webinars and online content delivery, running his inaugural virtual event. This endeavour underscored his belief in the transformative power of data and data models for innovation and informed decision-making.

Adam partners with mid-sized media and event businesses, sharing his profound insights into digital transformation. He is the architect behind the CVI + CVO Frameworkβ„’, a strategic blueprint crafted to streamline the digitization journey for enterprises.

Under the banner of his venture, The Media CTO, Adam introduces The DiG. The Digital Intelligence Generator stands as a game-changer for event professionals used to predict attendance and model event outcomes before they happen. Beyond mere data aggregation, The DiG harnesses real-time data, merging audience acquisition signals with structured data. Powered by proprietary data models rooted in the principles of the CVI + CVO Frameworkβ„’.

The DiG redefines marketing channel management and event impact, offering unparalleled insights through its unique data models.